Cheryl Tom
On the lookout for her next startup, interesting people & projects.


Cheryl is a seasoned entrepreneur and expert strategist and marketer. Previously, as Founder & CEO of Vain Pursuits, she used her engineering & business acumen to make skincare shopping smart and simple through data-driven personalized formulas. An alumni of FounderFuel, TechStars NYC and TechWomen Canada, Cheryl has won several hackathons.

She leverages her multi-dimensional experience of more than eight bootstrapped companies, three years building technology at CrowdTwist, and twelve years building beauty ventures into business coaching for female entrepreneurs, product consulting for technology startups, all while founding her next venture. She is a passionate mentor and speaker, committed to empowering female entrepreneurs to create in bigger and better ways without overwhelm and stress.

Her current passion project is to hand build a sustainable off-grid dome home. Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Minor in Technological Entrepreneurship from McGill University.


Always looking for interesting projects, you can reach her below.

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